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Cassie, a 27 year old woman has broken through barriers, completely disrupting the travel industry, breaking a world record for rapid travel, and making women’s history.

An avid fitness enthusiast and triathlete, Cassie values living an optimally physical healthy lifestyle amid such extreme travel conditions, as well as in her day to day life.

A triathlete, traveler, conservationist and humanitarian worker, Cassie has the ability to represent a companies corporate responsibility campaign on a dynamic level.

Some of Cassie’s largest sponsors to date include: AIG, Clif Bar, Air New Zealand, Avianca, and many more.

Cassie’s social media reach is over 335k followers, with her Instagram account being her strongest platform with over 287k followers (links to Cassie’s social media platforms can be found below).

Promoting Land Rover PC: Matthew Williams (USA)
Promoting Krav Maga Worldwide (USA)
Promoting Westcomb (USA)
Promoting SPOT, LLC. (Maldives)
Promoting Dogeared Jewelry (Cambodia)
Promoting Artisan Bags (Iraq)
Promoting Secret Bay Resort (Dominica)

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