First Woman vs. First “Documented” Woman

To all of my global friends:

I want to take this opportunity to address an innocent error which I made when I appeared on CNN. I was not as exact and specific with my words as I might have been. I have consistently stated that I am the “first woman/female on record” and “first documented woman/female” to have traveled to every Sovereign Nation. The key facts in my statements being “on record” and “documented.” I collected copious amounts of legitimized evidence from every Sovereign Nation I visited during my travels and submitted that evidence to Guinness World Records to break two records: the first for “Fastest Time to Travel to All Sovereign Countries;” and the second for “Fastest Time to Travel to All Sovereign Countries (female).” I am unaware that any other female has documented her travels to every Sovereign Nation, let alone with the rapidity with which I accomplished the feat. Self-evidently, Guinness World Records is also unaware of any other female who has documented similar travels (otherwise they would not have given me the two awards). I would never disparage any other female travelers, including those who claim to have been to every Sovereign Nation. When it comes to making history, however, the proof of having done so is extremely crucial, as opposed to relying on the “honor system”. I know of one club that travelers can join, whereby ticking off a list of countries they’ve “been” to, suffices enough for them to be able pay the fee and become a member, with no proof necessary. Long ago, I aimed to become a member of this club, but when I noticed that I had been to 99 countries, with only one stopping me from becoming a member of the club, I could have easily ticked off one more to make it to the century figure in order to become a member, couldn’t have I? Well, I assure you that the same applies to all of the rest who wish to become a member, involving a very simple and vague process which does not include providing evidence of having traveled to these countries.

I am the first woman/female that has submitted legitimate forms of evidence of having traveled to each of the 193 Sovereign Nations, plus the Holy See and Taipei, to a third party, namely, Guinness World Records – evidence that has been legally verified by them, thus making me the “first woman/female on record” and “first documented woman/female” to have traveled to every Sovereign Nation.
Moreover, I hope my expedition has inspired women from around the world to not only challenge my records but to set new records of their own. Together we must break down barriers to women within the travel world and promote female empowerment while encouraging other women to do the same.

With love and light,