UN Sustainable Development Goals

Expedition 196, LLC. Contributes To The UNSDG's

The Following Are Cassie's Main Focus:

“Quality education leads to the thriving of human species as a whole. With many countries experiencing a severe lack of educational institutions, curriculum and fundamental learning supplies, the youth is at a major disadvantage, not being able to pursue their dreams or even know enough about the basics of reproduction and hygiene. Throughout Expedition 196, I spoke to thousands of youth from all over the world, and realized the importance of quality education in order to pursue their dreams. This is why I’m going to continue speaking at universities and high schools around the world, and working towards providing quality education in communities who need it most. It is my hopes that the Expedition 196 Non-Profit, will be able to continue my legacy long after I’m gone, and be able to continue to enhance educational procedures in developing countries.” – Cassie De Pecol

“The purpose of this goal is to, ‘Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls’. Gender equality is holds dear to my heart the more I travel and discover.  As a woman in the workforce, having broken through barriers and disrupted the travel industry, traveling to 196 countries alone, I’ve faced the stigmas associated with traveling alone as a woman. I would consider myself lucky in some of the situations with male strangers that have happened during my travels even since the age of 18, which is why I feel so strongly about this UNSDG.  My Mission is to continue to work towards equality between men and women. Half way through my Expedition, another woman who was apparently going after the same record for ‘Fastest Person to Travel to Every Sovereign Nation’, e-mailed Guinness World Records to break the record into two separate categories; male and female. I was not made aware of this change until 6 months into my Expedition when Guinness had approved it, giving men 3 years to break the record and women 4. It is beyond my capable reasoning as to why females need more time to travel the world. The moral of this story is, when things seem to be moving one step backwards, it’s even more crucial to focus on moving the matters two steps ahead, working to resolve not only this issue, but the many issues with gender equality that we face.” – Cassie De Pecol

“A major goal of mine on this Expedition and really, since the age of 18 when I studied Global Studies in Costa Rica, has been to work towards creating more sustainable cities and towns. To me, that means respecting the local traditions and culture, supporting the local economies sustainably and building energy efficient infrastructure that can regenerate degraded environments and ecosystems. However, this goal in particular states that its goal is to, ‘Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable’ and ‘Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage’. My involvement is in the hospitality field, where the goal is to promote and build sustainable and even, regenerative, hotels around the world but specifically within impoverished nations. side from promoting sustainable hotels, after Expedition 196, I’ll be developing a website aimed to address the issue of sustainable development within the hospitality industry. To be launched in 2017.

“The backbone to my passion in sustainable hospitality relies on the building of sustainable infrastructure that is energy efficient. ‘Sustainable consumption and production is about promoting resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, and providing access to basic services, green and decent jobs and a better quality of life for all.’. By educating the youth and general public on the importance of sustainable tourism and hospitality, I believe that I’m doing my part with SDG #12. Long after Expedition 196 is completed, my aim is to develop the hospitality website that is focused on sustainable development. The goal is for this site to be completed by the end of 2017 in order to further develop the international sustainable hospitality sector.” – Cassie De Pecol

“There is factual data that proves the need to reverse our environmental impact in order to halt or at the very least, slow down the effects of global warming so that we can continue to thrive in a healthy and productive manner. We see effects of global warming everywhere, and it is my personal goal to work towards alleviating global warming through continuing my efforts as an environmental activist and with my Tree Planting Project, that will continue long after Expedition 196 is completed, in order to offset my Carbon Footprint.” – Cassie De Pecol

“Traveling to 193 countries between 2015 and 2017 as a ‘Peace Ambassador’ representing the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism, has really given me the opportunity to learn more about what peace actually represents in our world. How can we quantify peace? What does it truly mean? I’ve come to find that through my interactions with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, that all everyone generally wants is to live in a peaceful society. With the works of Expedition 196 Entrepreneur, the book, the educational film, and all of my other projects, I hope to be able to continue to further the movement and understanding of unity and friendship among all people, cultures and religions. To reduce violence, judgement, bullying, corruption, and continue to develop sustainable solutions to these problems in the form of my projects, for the rest of my life.” – Cassie De Pecol

“Let’s be clear that sustainable development doesn’t mean just the regeneration of our environments and ecosystems. In this case with UNSDG #17, we’re trying to create *sustainable* partnerships for the goals. To, as a whole, as a civilization, all work in unison towards alleviating some of the worlds most pressing problems and create innovative and disruptive solutions towards positively enhancing our world for centuries to come. I hope that you’ll join me on this Great Life Mission of working together to solve major global issues and respecting everyones decisions to try to make a positive difference be it big, or small. For me, the vision that I’m passionate about is sustainable energy in particular. And through the Expedition 196 Non-Profit, I will have to face my fears and depend on others, a common vision, in order to create tangible and sustainable change.” – Cassie De Pecol