Are you ready to pursue your passion project?

Register for Cassie's workshop in one of the 30 cities that she will be visiting in 2018! Learn how to turn your dream into a solid goal, launch your own passion project, and succeed in your life's mission to leave a positive legacy behind this 2018! What are you waiting for?

Where To Start?

Trouble figuring out where to even begin? Discover the specifics of realizing a dream, goal or idea through a few, simple measures.

Maintaining Momentum

Great! You've stacked all the cards in your favor to succeed in taking off! Think it's all easy from here on out? The real work has now only begun. Learn how to master the flow of keeping momentum going until the finish or... until you're ready to sell out or step down.

Necessary Steps to Launch

What actions are needed in order to launch your idea? You'll discover everything from developing a deck, to efficient networking, business formalities, logistics, funding, and how to get your project financially considered by companies.

What's Next?

The dreaded "what's next?" question, we've all been faced with it, but do we really believe that where others think we should be is where we we actually should be? Discover the crucial recipe to effectively knowing and capitalizing on the "next".

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it." - Amelia Earhart



  • San Francisco, CA
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Manila Philippines (TBD)
  • Punta del Este, Uruguay
  • Lima, Peru
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Recife, Brazil
  • London, England
  • Paris, France
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Houston, TX
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Bogota, Colombia