Wow! What a fantastic cruise AIDAperla was! If you’re ever considering going on a cruise, you should go with AIDAperla. The food choices on board, the infinity pool, the cabins, everything was super fantastic and I don’t regret it a single bit. If you have the chance, go!

When I had the opportunity to join AIDAperla for the christening of their new ship this past June, I thought I’d be a fool to pass up this opportunity. I’m all about experiencing new things in regards to travel, and traveling Europe in a German cruise ship is definitely an experience I’d yet to tick off. I consider myself fairly introverted and I usually find it a challenge to immerse myself in places that are boasting with people, but I used this opportunity to learn more about the cruise ship culture and invited a friend along for the ride. To my surprise, I was able to enjoy myself as I walked my morning 3-6 miles on the treadmill in their stunning and functional gym, taste international cuisine while in a beautiful, eclectic setting, try champagne tasting, and so much more. I never knew a cruise had so much to offer for every kind of traveler.

When Janelle and I weren’t tasting gelato in Rome, we were building our own ice cream at the Magnum Ice Cream Shop on AIDAperla. And when we weren’t champagne tasting on the ship, we were drinking traditional Campari Spritz in Lucca on one of our land days.

The trip encompassed a perfect balance of sight seeing and cruising. The room we had was very spacious for a cabin, and it even included a hammock!!

Though I don’t have an American cruise to compare this one to, I must admit as a world traveler that both Janelle and I really did enjoy being surrounded by Germans the whole time (when we weren’t on land). The spin class instructor did give us the option for her to translate, but we decided against it, the class was so much more entertaining being in German, and I do feel that we got just a taste of German culture which made things all the more unique and fun!

The length of the cruise was totally do-able for Janelle and I. Janelle is a teacher and the fact that this particular cruise began in late June was perfect for her schedule. We both loved how helpful and kind the staff were and appreciated the various food culture on board. Though we’d both been to Rome and Barcelona, we enjoyed the variety of excursion options… it was our first time biking through Rome, so we were able to experience Rome on a different level, which was great!

If you want to see a video of my experience, I’ve created a short video of our time on the AIDAperla which you can find here:

And if you’re interested in learning more about the AIDAperla cruise, head to this link: to learn more :).


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