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The most important person to inspire, is yourself.

– Cassandra de pecol

Cassandra De Pecol is an Award-Winning Traveler, Author, the founder and CEO of the women’s lifestyle company, DELCÂ and brand agency, Elevatxd. She was born in Connecticut but resides in Los Angeles, California. De Pecol began to build her life and legacy by drawing inspiration from the theory of the Hero’s Journey as her guide, and or the first chapter of her professional career, De Pecol was focused on introspective travel. In 2014 she began planning her travels to every country in the world, in an effort to make history, break records, and build a career for herself. In 2015, she departed on her world record attempt and in 2017, she achieved that goal, having visited countries like North Korea, Syria, and Afghanistan as a solo female traveler. She was nominated for, and received many accolades, recognition, and awards over the course of her travel career, including two Guinness World Records, recognition in the National Women’s History Museum, TIME’s Female Firsts, and the Pioneering Amelia Earhart Achievement Award, among many others. Cassandra became the first documented woman to travel every country in the world in record time.

We earn the life we were meant to live by fighting for it


Activism and philanthropy play a big role in De Pecol’s life. Over the course of her career, she has spoken to thousands of professionals, university and high school students on the importance of peace through responsible tourism, mental health, and women empowerment. Her philanthropic mission has involved planting trees to offset her carbon footprint and collecting water samples from our worlds waterways to test for the presence of micro plastics.

Beyond traveling, De Pecol spent 15 years racing triathlons and Ironman events across five continents. Having advocated for health and wellness for the better part of her life, De Pecol launched DELCÂ, a platform for women to connect with one another on health, wellness, and travel. Her passion for helping women get their travel career off the ground was the motivation behind Elevatxd, a brand agency that focuses on timeless luxury, speedy delivery, and cost-effective services.

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Today, De Pecol channels her energy into leading DELCÂ and Elevatxd as their visionary CEO, as well as co-host the Podcast, Against The Odds, with Wondery.

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It started with a passion for travel and triathlon, which lead to a desire to transpire

I love to share my thoughts and perspectives through my podcast, DELCÂ, and blog. I’m also very active on my Instagram and TikTok accounts.